About our school interventions

16 October 2020

We already mentioned how when we are in France we meet the children and youth of local schools and use our adventure to raise awareness about environmental issues and action. Today, we take with us on how a typical school intervention looks like.  Maewan’s interventions follow three stages: amazement, learning, action. Amazement We begin the […]


Meet our team: Yoan

12 October 2020

Role: Sponsoring and Fundraising Manager Nationality: French Journey before Maewan: as a young professional aged 21, I am always looking towards the future and the many horizons that lie ahead of me to understand what I really want. Sports (especially football), is first of all a life passion, but I intend to carve a profession […]


Patagonia: our ancestors knew how to adapt to an extreme climate at the World’s end

02 October 2020

A recent study shows that the aboriginal people from the Magallanes region in the southern tip of South America had already developed a high level of adaptability to cope with the frequent climate changes of the region.   A community following the rhythms of the environment A French-Chilean team of scientists has been studying how […]


Meet our team: Janet

01 October 2020

Role : Office Admin   Nationality : French   Journey before Maewan : after a hospitality degree which taught me the basics of the industry, especially in cuisine, my favourite part, I felt I needed to search for my vocation elsewhere, as I was not passionate enough to stay in the hospitality industry. So, I decided to participate […]


Portugal: when the Youth take matters in their own hands

28 September 2020

Six young Portuguese have sued 33 countries in front of the European Court of Human Rights, accusing them of violating their rights by not doing enough against climate change.    It’s the first case of its kind, where an explicit link between climate change and human rights violation has been made. CláudiaAgostinho (21), Catarina Mota […]


Meet our Team: Jonathan

08 September 2020

  Role: Digital Communication Lead Nationality: Italian and Dutch 3 passions in your life: mountains, good cuisine, knowing the Other Your Path before joining Maewan:  Like many of my peers, after graduation I found myself lost like never before. Nobody had warned me that after four years of studies, one could still be as confused about […]


Makatea Vertical Adventure

07 September 2020

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Interview with Xavier de le Rue

31 August 2020

Pro snowboarder and winner of the world’s Cross Snowboarding cup, Xavier needs no introduction. We have been lucky enough to have Xavier on Maewan’s expedition in 2017, as we were realising first descents on the virgin slopes of the Kurils Islands’ volcanoes.  Xavier has recently launched a series of podcasts where he discusses with Dr. Johan Rockström, […]


Marion: Three Culinary Surprises

28 August 2020

If there is one thing we share with Erwan, beyond the values we believe in and the love for mountains, partying, sailing and the sea…it’s the pleasure of cooking and eating!  Each stopover is an opportunity for new foody discoveries. In fact, it is often our first immersion in a culture that will be our […]


Our conference in Brittany: what a success!

24 August 2020

Wednesday the 12th of August, l’Espace Kaori at the Aber Wrac’h hosted us for an evening of presentation and discussion of Maewan, all accompanied by short clips showing images from the many expeditions behind our backs.  Such a nice surprise to see so many people of all backgrounds and ages come together for the occasion. Kite-surfer […]