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Joining the Maewan family means believing in a community with a diverse geographical and socio-cultural background. An inclusive and human community.

> Thanks to a passionate network of athletes, scientists, filmmakers, educators and environmental experts, connecting and expanding the life lessons learnt onboard.

> Reunited around the three universal dimensions of Exploration, Discovery and Connection


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Fundraising Campaigns (forthcoming)



To participate in the creation of a web series on the exploitation of natural resources



To participate in supporting more children during Maewan’s workshops in France and abroad


To participate in supporting our nomadic base camp

A 100€ donation actually costs you 25 Euros

Maewan is a registered NGO under general interest (French) law 1901. You are therefore eligible for a 75% tax reduction on your donation, within a 20% cap of your total taxable income.

Read how this works (in French):

Once you make a donation, you’ll receive a financial receipt from us for your future tax declarations

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Become a member!

Your clicks fund us!

You can donate part of the incomes generated from ads during web searches to the search engine Lilo.

As you search you will see that you start collecting drops of water, which are very precious for us. 1500 web searches are equal to 15€ for an NGO of your choice.

You can donate them to Maewan 😊 (the first time you do so you need at least 50 water drops)



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