Erwan: the step towards the Unknown

13 July 2020

First, you have verbal commitment. That commitment that we allow ourselves to jump into, often quite rapidly, because we know possible repercussions to be minimal. Then you have the decisive step. That step that is committing and which makes backtracking difficult, with deep implications for our ego, finances and values. I remember an exact moment, […]


Eulogy to slowness

07 July 2020

As the Pandemic has limited our prospects of long-distance travel, exploring with green means of transport (trains, bikes, by foot) opens-up endless opportunities for local, clean and eco-friendly adventure.   Up to 80% of international air travel has been cancelled following lockdown measures adopted by governments worldwide. For most of us, the summer holidays will […]


Masks protect us from infection…but who protects the Oceans?

03 July 2020

Masks have become emblematic in these past months, to the point that coastlines and oceans are paying the heavy price, littered with disposable gloves and masks.   From our Mediterranean coasts to the South China Sea, many environmental organisations are worried by the increasing numbers of waste washed ashore on our beaches following the Pandemic. […]


Where we at? Lockdown, Communication, and Commitment

01 July 2020

  As we are entering summer and timidly coming out of the Covid-19 situation, we take a moment to share an update on our activities during the last months. We are back with thousands of new ideas to better share our adventure with you. This month, what matters to us is the theme of commitment.  […]



13 April 2020

Educational Activity Leader Maewan is looking for a passionate and motivated Educational Activity Leader ready to join our team!Interested? Send us your CV and motivation letter (in french) to -> To consult the job description, click here


Les Lost in the Swell join Maewan onboard!

12 April 2020

Patalluvia The team of “Lost In The Swell” has been dreaming for years to explore Patagonia’s West Coast, known for its strong swell, its jagged virgin coasts, where any human presence is absent. There, thanks to the satellite image and meteorological data, the team is convinced to discover new waves. Their study of those maps […]


Where we at?

02 April 2020

Wintering in Patagonia The town of Ushuaia, thought to be the furthermost southern town in the world, seemed inaccessible. But actually, Puerto Williams in Chile is even further south and was chosen as the place where the sailboat Maewan would spend the winter. We arrive at the port of Micalvi, where we anchor our boat […]