Stopover 01/2

Meet our Team: Jonathan

8 September 2020


Role: Digital Communication Lead

Nationality: Italian and Dutch

3 passions in your life: mountains, good cuisine, knowing the Other

Your Path before joining Maewan: 

Like many of my peers, after graduation I found myself lost like never before. Nobody had warned me that after four years of studies, one could still be as confused about their professional path as when leaving high school.

Without a lot of conviction, I packed my stuff and moved to the grey capital of Europe -Brussels- to start an internship in the so-called “European Bubble”, which had fascinated me during my first years of studies but that now felt as distant as ever. Long story short, after six months I decided to quit my job and look for new horizons through that which had always given me meaning in the past: traveling.

However, this time even that was not the solution to my worries. The starting idea was to discover the countries around the Mediterranean…after a chain of events hard to explain I find myself in China during the Covid19 outbreak.

I abandoned my projects (of which, in all honesty, I did not have a good feeling about), and after a stopover in Korea and Thailand (the last country to close borders), I returned in Italy without progress being made on finding a meaning to my perils. And like everyone else, in lockdown.

I was lucky enough to come across Maewan while looking for options for a fresh start in Europe. Marion’s swiftness in trusting and hiring me was remarkable, and as soon as Alpine borders were open I arrived in Les Carroz to start my Civil Service. Finally, what I was looking for was just around the corner: working for the Environment, and inclusive team, and colleagues, and the Mountain Life I always thought of as an unreachable a romantic dream.

His Mission:  Develop Maewan’s digital channels by harmonising social media and the website. Supporting my colleagues in developing partnerships and organising events.

1 professional challenge: write in French!

1 personal challenge: find a balance between life goals (like living in the mountains) and career goals

1 project that drives you: learn how to feed my body and spirit while playing my part for future generations

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