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About our school interventions

16 October 2020

We already mentioned how when we are in France we meet the children and youth of local schools and use our adventure to raise awareness about environmental issues and action. Today, we take with us on how a typical school intervention looks like. 

Maewan’s interventions follow three stages: amazement, learning, action.


We begin the day by showing clips from our expedition. Children particularly like images of polar bears, whales, and our meetings with self-sufficient indigenous communities. This phase helps to make the children enter our world and unleash the power of their dreams and imagination!


Here, we use the educational material produced by our partner La Water Family to learn about the importance of natural resources, environmental threats, and what actions we can carry out to protect our planet.


Lastly, we take action! We ask children and youth to commit to a “green habit” they can put in place in their daily routine. Often, these young actors go much further. For example, in a school with no waste recycling, a classroom took the matter into their own hands and recycle their waste for a year.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to organise a day dedicated to environmental education within your education structure! We would be thrilled to share our adventure, values, and experience to amaze, teach, and push tomorrow’s generations to take action. 


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