Stopover 01/1

Meet our team: Janet

1 October 2020

Role : Office Admin


Nationality : French


Journey before Maewan : after a hospitality degree which taught me the basics of the industry, especially in cuisine, my favourite part, I felt I needed to search for my vocation elsewhere, as I was not passionate enough to stay in the hospitality industry. So, I decided to participate in several solidarity youth exchanges in Morocco and in Burkina Faso during my summer holidays. I became passionate about exploring these faraway places from my usual comfort, although, without realising their professional potential, I undertook a bachelor in business administration, without putting too much thought into it. Soon enough, I started questioning the « business side » of my degree, too much anchored in a system that did not reflect my values. To find more meaning to what I was doing, I decided to do my final internship in Benin, where I was following the work of local entrepreneurs. 

So, I started to slowly become more aware of the humanitarian and international development field. I decided to continue my studies with an executive master in sustainable development and international solidarity, with brief work experience in the field of child protection in Burkina Faso.

Finally, I landed in Maewan’s office to validate this new professional path that I have undertaken two years ago. This is my second internship with the organisation, and I could not be happier with my choice! Despite its small size, Maewan offers an incredible level of professionalism and is a great environment to keep developing my skills. It’s very rewarding that all this takes place in a nice work atmosphere where I find the meaning and worthwhile causes I was looking for. 


Her mission: the administrative and financial management of Maewan’s human resources.


A professional challenge: enter the job market at the end of my stage! 


A personal challenge: finding the right balance between my professionals and personal objectives split between France and abroad 


One project that motivates her: Making cake every Monday for the team 

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