Stopover 01/3

Marion: Three Culinary Surprises

28 August 2020

If there is one thing we share with Erwan, beyond the values we believe in and the love for mountains, partying, sailing and the sea…it’s the pleasure of cooking and eating! 

Each stopover is an opportunity for new foody discoveries. In fact, it is often our first immersion in a culture that will be our day-to-day life for a while.

And when thinking about it, I’ll have to admit that I do not have any bad memories about it. It is nonetheless quite difficult to rank the glorious meals we have been lucky enough to taste around the world. Oh well, let’s have a shot at the best dishes I have tried in this incredible adventure!


3. Lobster empanadas

Eaten in the archipelago of Robinson Crusoé Island, off the Chilean coasts.


2. Makatea’s Kaveau

This Polynesian specialty reflects the local folks’ love for the sea and its products. Among our best memories of Makatea, it is impossible to forget this delicatessen made from fresh crab.



Finally, the 1st place belongs with no doubt to Japan because of its love for the quality of the ingredients. In the picture, we are tasting a traditional dinner at Takako’s parents’ place after having invited us to visit a rural village and discover its rich tastes.


I won’t spend more words on my choices. Just a desire. That you take time to discover slowly the many gastronomic specialities around you. Enjoy!


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