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Our vision

Together, build a world where the respect for the Earth is the basis for the development of Tomorrow’s generations

Our missions

Maewan aims to reposition Man at the centre of his environment to tackle one specific issue:

How to achieve collective wellbeing in a world with limited resources?

Maewan’s sailboat, a nomadic operational platform, left France for a seven-year expedition from the Arctic to Antarctica, passing through the Pacific. It supports educational and environmental actions led by world-class athletes, both in France and abroad.


In numbers

45educational projects

7environmental projects

100exceptional athletes


2014 – 2017 :Sailing-off

-> From the Aber Wrac’h to the doors of the Pacific, first storms, immersions and sport expedition in the polar context.

First winter navigation to Iceland’ s iced waterfalls, freeride skiing, mountaineering, and 1000m Big Wall climbing in Greenland, northwest passage. Kitesurfing in the Bering sea, free-ride on the volcanic Kuriles Islands.

2017 – 2019 : Hoisting the sails

-> From Kamchatka to New Zealand, autonomy and development of the pilot phase of the educational and environmental actions

Assessment mission and further development of the pilot phase of the educational and environmental actions.

Development of Maewan’s social intervention strategy.

Non-formal education workshops with SOS Villages d’enfants in French Polynesia.

Production of a documentary on plastic waste in New Zealand.

2019 – 2021 : Staying on course

->Pacific traverse to Chile: strengthening of educational actions and development of environmental projects

Création de l’association en France ; agreement with the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of French Polynesia

Establishment of hundreds of climbing routes on the Tuamotu islands, kitesurfing in the Pacific, mountaineering in Patagonia.

Carrying out Maewan’s workshops in 8 schools in French Polynesia, Chile, France (280 children trained, 1960 adults benefitted).

Supporting the development of eco-tourism on Makatea islands.

Shooting of two documentaries on fishing in Polynesia and the impact on local communities.