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Once upon a fabulous Patagonian adventure

08 July 2021

While the adventure in Tierra del Fuego ended just a few weeks ago, let’s take a look back on the highlights of this epic journey. Joining the Maewan sailboat and its crew: from special encounters, sharing, transmitting, discovering to powerful emotions. Return to Chilean soil  After a one-year break from the round-the-world trip, the Maewan […]


Fancy a bite of salmon? An insight into the sanitary and environmental disasters caused by aquaculture

03 June 2021

It used to be a delicacy, but today it is widely accessible. It is France’s favourite fish. We are obviously talking about salmon!  Its ever-decreasing price reflects the evolution of its production over the last few decades. Across the world, more than half of all salmon sold comes from fish farms. So it is very […]


Cape Horn: A legendary cape

02 April 2021

Few places in the world today, still today make man feel vulnerable and overwhelmed by a mystical and spiritual aura. Cape Horn is one of them!  Maewan tells you their story. Cape Horn is the source of many legends. Located at the southern tip of Chile, it is the southernmost point of South America. Its […]


A Micro-adventure in the Alpes

01 February 2021

In need of a break without having to take a PCR test? Why not take on a micro-adventure in the Alpes? Let yourself be guided as we transport you through 7 Alpine villages on a 15-day expedition.  Meet in (un)known territory The term Adventure echoes an idea of a faraway voyage. Quite complicated in current […]


From Maewan to Makatea: between education and discovery

14 December 2020

With the film “Makatea Vertical Adventure“, launched last December on the 10th, we reflect on the educational approach, initiated by the Maewan association towards the population of the small island of Makatea, lost in the heart of the Pacific, about both ecological awareness and the appreciation of the island’s breath-taking nature. The Islands potential This […]


Makatea present at the VIMMF (Vancouver International Mountain Film)

19 November 2020

After being featured in the famous Banff Mountain Film Festival, the movie “Makatea Vertical Adventures” continues its tour on Canada’s west coast! We are really glad to participate in the VIMFF (Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival), definitively one of the most well-known festivals in the outdoor movie world. The novelty of this bizarre year? The festival has put-up […]


Makatea: climbing spotlight

02 November 2020

As the release of the movie “Makatea” is fast approaching, we thought to write an article on everything you need to know about climbing on Makatea: from the quality of the rock to the local actors looking after the crags on the island.    The origins of the project During their 7-year world trip across […]


What does the future hold for ski resorts?

29 October 2020

Trapped between the effects of climate change and the social and economic repercussions of the Covid crises, should ski stations change their economic model?    The issue Since the beginning of skiing in France in 1928, 168 ski resorts have stopped operating, about 28% of all structures.    The majority of them are small-to-medium ski […]


Maewan disembarks in Grenoble

21 October 2020

After our events in Brittany and various environmental education days in the school of Haute Savoie, we finally had the chance to meet our community in Isère! Last week, Erwan, Marion, and our Event Manager Tipphaine spent an intense day in Grenoble, in between festivals, press releases, and an evening dedicated to presenting the project.  […]


We are now part of the 1% For The Planet Movement!

19 October 2020

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined this global movement with 2600 members across 45 countries all committed to the environment.  1% For The Planet was started by Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, ex-owner of Ribbon Flies to unite all those businesses that could donate 1% of their total sales to […]