Stopover 01/1

Maewan disembarks in Grenoble

21 October 2020

After our events in Brittany and various environmental education days in the school of Haute Savoie, we finally had the chance to meet our community in Isère!

Last week, Erwan, Marion, and our Event Manager Tipphaine spent an intense day in Grenoble, in between festivals, press releases, and an evening dedicated to presenting the project. 


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We started the day with a press release to present the Makatea movie (coming out on the 10th of December !) at the Rencontres Ciné Montagne film festival in Grenoble.We talked about the Maewan project in front of a dozen journalists and partners. 

We are very happy that despite the Covid situation, the festival organisers have modified the programme so as to respect the Covid guidelines, assuring the festival still takes place!


Afterward, we made it to TéleGrenoble’s studios to participate in the programme « Si on parlait » with Thibault Leduc. We shared our adventure and projects around the world in a really friendly environment.

See the programme:

You still there? The day is far from over!


In the evening, we were at Grenoble’s Office of Tourism to present our journey through the showing clips and storytelling combo that worked so well in Brittany. As always, it was a pleasure to share our adventure with an attentive and motivated public (we had a full house!). We were happy to answer the many questions thrown at us by the curious public.

So here you have it, we keep our two dimensions: on the one hand, an internationally-oriented spirit keen on discovering the world’s most remote places and communities, and on the other hand, our local commitment to the youth and communities in France. Follow us on our social media channels to stay up-to-date. 



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