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Our governance

A general interest association

A sport adventure

Founded in 2014, the Maewan project was initially carried out by a start-up, allowing the activities, sponsoring, financing and managementof the sporting adventure. Chaired by the boat’s captain, Erwan le Lann, this structure has created 4 films, 1 photo exposition and a book retracing the few first years of the expedition from France to the Kouril Islands.


-> Annual Report 2015-2016

-> Annual Report  2016-2017

And a solid experience

Throughout Maewan’s travels,Erwan and Marion have met inhabitants who live in harmony with nature, like in Utupua, but have also observed the impacts of humans on the planet such assailing through the ocean gyres.

Along with Marion Courtois , who has 12 years professional experience in managing humanitarian programs, together, they decide to put in place a pilot phase for the future educational and environmental  actions. From the start, Marion carried out an assessment of the situation and creates afterwards the strategy for social intervention and solidarity.

-> Annual Report 2017-2018

->Annual Report  2018-2019

For a charitable DNA

Following a successful pilot phase, the Maewan association was founded in February 2019, allowing this humanitarian adventure to fully undertake its general interest commitment.

The association is chaired by Marion Courtois, alongside Alexandre de Vogue (the treasurer) and Bertrand de Lapierre (general secretary)

The start-up “vessel for god” is still in use with a mandate focussing on conferences, eventsand multimedia productions.