Our Base Camps

An Adventure between Sea and Mountains

At sea

The sailboat Maewan IV

Our nomadic base camp

Being pushed to my limit? No problem, I was made for this! However, Erwan could you please tighten that screw while Marion checks our water stocks?

  • Date of birth 13/07/1982
  • Home port L’Aber Wrac’h
  • Size10,87m x 3,82m – Weight: 10 tons
  • OutfitAn aluminium hull and 5 sails
  • Hosting capacity Up to 6 people onboard
  • Autonomy (food and energy)5 meses
  • Anti-waste policy Maewan is like a mini-earth. A space with limited resources to share. It’s a true environmental school, everything has to be used with parsimony. On board, waste is strictly forbidden. Its sails allow us to use the elements to fuel our displacements.
  • Distinguishing feature Ready for anything
  • SloganKeep me tidy, look after me and a muerte!

À terre

Les Carroz d’Arâches

Our headquarters

A perfect mountain setting that allows us to reconnect with the mountains after months of navigation and remain fit for the upcoming expeditions.

  • LocationLes Carroz d’Arâches, a ski station nested in the heart of the Alps, a stone-throw away from the Mont Blanc
  • OutfitAlways white during winter, in the summer I turn green
  • Hosting capacity An open-space office
  • Offer 250km of skiing slopes, climbing crags, an amazing bike park, paragliding locations and even a BASE jump exit!
  • Signe distinctifAbove the pollution, an always smiling and motivating will welcome you