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A positive social impact

Businesses, Foundations, Local Authorities and Institutions

Put your values into actions and start a culture of solidarity within your business, foundation or institution. Commit to a unique adventure about surpassing oneself, connection and respect for true social impact – the result of the coordinators’ 15 years of professional experience abroad.

For each financing, Maewan signs a specific contract with the donor (sponsorship contract) for the duration of the collaboration. The donor also has access to Maewan’s yearly annual report.

The sound financial and administrative management of the NGO is regularly audited, to ensure full transparency and trust at all levels.

The businesses that support us benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the donated amount (within 5% of their total revenue). 


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Skill-based Sponsorship 

This form of sponsorship is about making available someone whose skills and experience can be useful to the project. The tax deduction works the same way as with financial donations. The donation is calculated on the cost of work of the human resource made available to Maewan.

According to the IFOP, more than half of employees, especially millennials, wish to commit to a charitable cause through their professional activities.


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More than 300 enterprises have chosen micro-donations already, why not you?

Accounting micro-donation: contact your accountant to help us through rounding-up on your accounting practices, which does not cost you anything.

Salary micro-donation: Allows your employees to commit to your project by asking them to donate to the cause, benefitting from the tax deduction mentioned before.


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