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Live a unique adventure with us!

Maewan, showing the way for your business.

Through the drivers pushed forward by our NGO, Maewan goes beyond the impossible to mobilise society to become a vector of change.

Maewan is an international network of athletes, filmmakers, educators and environmental experts that rely on a sport adventure and an exceptional team to answer the pivotal question: how to live well with our limited resources? 

“Because today we do not have the right anymore to just dream, we are drivers of change equipped with dreams to inspire and our professional experience to serve others and the planet” 

Maewan proposes different sponsorship options (visibility, photo, video marketing…) best suited for your businesses and needs. Many partners already trust and support us to build a better future. 

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Conferences and Events

The leaders of the expedition propose a half-day or full-day to spend together with your employees, offering human resources or workshops best adapted to your business needs. 

We can focus on different themes all relevant to our daily life when on the expedition: the entrepreneurial adventure, from dream to reality, management of resources, team management in extreme situations, corporate social responsibility, and much more. 


->Together, we will define the format and the most suitable supports for your business culture (powerpoint of the expedition, video clips of 3,18 or 52min, discussions with the audience, sport in action). 

For Reference

Marion on TedX

One step at the time, Marion has built her path guided naturally by her values. After a 15-year career in humanitarian affairs, it is through the Maewan project that Marion best expresses herself: seven years around the world on a sailboat, passing through the Poles and commit to social and environmental actions, supported by high-level athletes. Marion shares her adventure with us, inviting everyone to take the step to action in their own way with their own means. 

TedX event

Exceptional Travel

Seven years traversing the oceans and the world’s most remote places to put your project into actions, serving youth and the planet. A journey whose rhythm is dictated by the natural elements, which allows us to better connect and understand the communities we encounter on our path.

If you want to live this incredible experience as well, join us in one of our stopovers in France or abroad! 

According to the number of people who wish to jump on board, another boat or hotel will be made available throughout your stay.

The travel activities are scheduled according to your personal or business needs: professional meetings, conferences, navigation, outdoor activities, and team buildings, getting to know our environmental and educational actions. 



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