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Stopover 01/13
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Lessons from the islands

Du 4 February 2019 au 22 September 2019
French Polynesia

Actions carried out

Interventions in 4 educational structures to raise awareness among 120 children aged 8-13 on the importance of water and the associated pollution risks.

The writing of a thesis on geography, environment and sustainable development: “on the conflicts related to marine resource management and the fishing regulatory mechanisms”

-> Read the thesis 

Putting up hundreds of rock climbing routes and a via ferrata, topography of the caves, security and rescue workshops for climbing. Organisation of a big sports event to coordinate the totality of the local actors. Creation of a sustainable development chart. 


-> Read Makatea’s activity report (in French)

Summary of the stopover

Polinesia consists of 118 islands in the Pacific Ocean. These volcanoes which come out of the water are surrounded by corals, which are the source of an extremely rich marine life. However, also here, far from everything, the fishing resources are running out. Despite the proliferation of terms for designating special fishing areas, the local inhabitants with their ancestral know-how remember how things used to be for their grandfathers. Mathilde joins us to understand their traditional resource management mechanisms to write her thesis. We end this stopover on Manihi, one of Tuamotu’s islands, where the wrong management of the resources led to the island’s present-day decline.

Back in Papeete, we put together a Dream Team for an incredible project on Makatea, the highest registered sea atoll, with high hoopes for a future based on sustainable eco-tourism.