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Stopover 01/12
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Civilisations and lost islands

Du 12 September 2019 au 27 November 2019
South-east Pacific

Actions carried out

Kite-surf, stand-up Paddle in the South-East Pacific Sea on Rapa Iti, Adamstown, lagon de Ducie islands and under the look of the Mana of Moai.

Interventions in three educational structure to raisa awareness among 80 children on the importance of water and the associated pollution risks.

Study and filming of Maewan web series’ “the impact of civilisations and our natural resources”.

Summary of the stopover

Rapa Iti is the island further away in Polinesia. Replenishments do not get there often, and the locals would not want more of them. The local community wants to keep their rhythm and their relation with nature for a sustainable development path for the future.

With this rare experience in our bags, we reach the Pitcairns islands, not inhabited but deeply touched by industrial civilisations. Further ahead, we reach the famous Easter Island. We learn from the Moai the impact of  mass tourism.

Further east, we are on route to reach the mysterious Podesta island, which appears or disappears according to who visits her. It’s on Selkirk Island that we discover a community of fishers.  Finally, we reach the Patagonia’s channels after days of navigating in heavy storms.