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Immersion, time and common sense

In our previous lives, airplanes would parachute us from one place to the other, erasing the singularity of new horizons. So, an idea was formed: moving by sail in harmony with the elements, soaking them up to better connect with the people met along the way.

This gentle approach helps us to create simple and spontaneous connections. This makes locals comfortable sharing their common sense about natural resources with us.

Thus, Maewan becomes a link between their know-how and the environmental issues we are facing.

Our objectives

5movies on natural resources

150 000people reached


During our stopovers, Maewan witnesses the human impact on the environment. Like the Ducie Atoll which is part of the Pitcairns Islands: an uninhabited piece of land more than 5000km away from the first coast. This bird sanctuary is today littered with our plastic waste.

Maewan is producing an environmental series about the use of natural resources. We have scheduled five episodes each focusing on one specific theme: water, food, energy, biodiversity and waste. In Chile, we analyse how excessive salmon farming has lead to the extinction of marine life in all streams in Northern Patagonia.

This series will be integrated with a participative platform where data and context collection, testimonials and proposals are collected to take action and restore a sustainable use of our natural resources.

Next shooting

Chile (Isla de navarino)

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From action to advocacy

Maewan maps, unites and coordinates existing environmental initiatives by creating a database of environmental actors.

Every year, we organise a communication campaign in partnership with “Océan Bien Commun de l’Humanite” (Ocean Humanity’s Common Good) and the French Ministry of Just Ecological Transition.