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Stopover 01/11
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To ice or not to ice?

Du 1 August 2016 au 31 August 2016
Northwest passage

Actions carried out

Putting up a dozen routes on a 1000m wall, of which one on the Great Sail Peak Coconut connection.

-> Trailer Maewan la quête des extrêmes

Summary of the stopover

After the fjords’ navigation until Iceland, Jeanne joins us in Upernavik to discover the ice caps. On the other side of Baffin’s sea, Sean and Nico are alone waiting for our arrival. It’s early in the season and there is still a lot of ice. We still decide to leave, hoping to find a way until Samfordfjord. Although the ice’s reflex distorts reality, we keep going to finally cross the ice banks and join Nico and Sean. An improbable meeting at the world’s end. After two months spent on their own for Nico and Sean and a long traverse for us, it is quite incredible to meet in these icy plains. We depart together, eager to find a way across the ice of the North-West passage.