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Stopover 01/12
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Adventure within the adventure

Du 15 October 2017 au 30 November 2017
North-West Pacific

Actions carried out

First solo traverse

-> Video of the first solo traverse

Summary of the stopover

One day Éric Loizeau told me: “you’re not really a sailor until you navigate solo”. So, since I left France, I have always kept this is mind and developed as a sailor to finally undertake a solitary crossing. After three years at sea, in all types of sea, conditions, I still did not know if I was ready to take up the solo challenge. Jeanne Grégoire was very supportive, but I still had a weird feeling in my stomach at the thought of it. The next stopover was in the Salomon Islands, a large mass of water in between the islands and her atolls. It’s 5pm and Marcos Costa just left. As I leave the harbour, a light rain begins to fall. I will be alone in the upcoming month and a half, ready to discover the sea through solo sailing.


  • Erwan Le Lann

    Skipper, mountain guide and co-leader of the expedition

  • Le voilier Maewan IV

    Notre camp de base nomade