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Stopover 01/12
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Flying above the lost fjords

Du 1 March 2018 au 14 May 2018
New Zealand

Actions carried out

Exploring and jumping from the Southern fjords.

->Trailer of the film “Maewan et les fjords perdus”

Summary of the stopover

The South-Western fjords are plunging into the sea, hard to access. The vegetation is dense and extremely humid, here it rains 8 metres of water per year! We are stuck In Breaksea Sound since a week, no cliff is high enough for our Base jumpers. With a new wind coming in, we take the opportunity to go and explore another fjord. The wind is blowing less strongly now, and the sea seems calm. But Eric Peron, from the shore, had warned out that the wind would become more powerful, coming straight at us.

We are delayed, we are advancing at just 2 knots per hour. As we enter Doubtful Sound, the night arrives, before reaching Milford Sound where we will meet-up with Marion. Our only hope is a buoy indicated on the map. But wind gusts of 35 knots per hour hit us, with heavy rain not allowing us to see in front of us. Joseph and Ferry are at the front of the boat and use the torches to find the way ahead. We see something in front of us, it’s a boat! The buoy is already taken…it’s midnight, the wind is blowing and I cannot figure out the right orientation in the dark. The fjord is narrow, full of islands and I have no idea how to stop Maewan…