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Stopover 01/12
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Becoming aware

Du 1 June 2017 au 30 June 2017

Actions carried out

Diagnostic of the first two years of the expedition and the development of our social engagement strategy 2017-2021

-> Video of the drone in Japan

Summary of the stopover

Two years of full-on expedition, it is now time to breathe, slow down the rhythm, and stand back for a moment. Our back and forths between wildlife and civilisation allow us to realise to what extent our societies are disconnected from the value of our natural resources. This journey turns out to be a lot richer than we thought. It’s a daily lesson on making, the climate and nature, and the impact of the modern world on us and the natural environment. The indecipherable social codes of Japanese society slowly take some meaning. We immerse ourselves in the heart of rural, traditional Japan. Our spirits lighten up. Our decision is taken. Now is time to act. We start creating the Maewan for tomorrow so that our quest is not in vain. Maewan 2.0 is in the making.



  • Marion Courtois

    President of the Maewan association and co-leader of the expedition

  • Tetsuya Ishida

    Passionate about trekking and climbing