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Stopover 01/13
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The Dream Comes True

Du 8 February 2015 au 30 March 2015

Actions carried out

Putting up a mixte route, “Princesse Jeanne” in the fjords of Eskifjordhur, 900m

Exploring the Hornbjarn area in the North West

Putting up a 5-pitch mixte route, in the fjords of Isafjordhur.

Summary of the stopover

An island on the horizon whose snowy peaks are visible during our approach. A south-coast that is wild as it is not protected by the storms hitting her surfaces time after time. On the north coast, vast bays received the cold winds from the nearby glaciers. The local community greets us offering us a Jacuzzi, a warm meal and fresh fish that we find on our deck during the early hours of the morning. At each stop, we enjoy the hot springs to warm-up and wash ourselves.

At the bottom of the fjords, the glaciers’ water drops from the cliff and freezer at our ice climbers’delight.