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Stopover 01/12
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Meeting the people of the Pacific

Du 1 December 2017 au 31 December 2017
Salomon Islands

Actions carried out

Exploring lost islands, meeting and discoverying authentic lifestyles, traditional photos.

-> Vidéo d’Utupua

Summary of the stopover

We’ve been navigating for four days, four hard days for Monica and Steph who are seasick. Still, I try to lift their morale. It’s still dark as we arrive on this small island, seen on our map almost by chance. It is inhabited? Can we enter its inner lagoon? What will we find there? All these questions keep us aware as we wait for the sun to rise. As we approach, we see smoke, some little fishing boats as we search a place to drop the anchor. Some months later, Stéphane Husson, touched by this beautiful moment, composed this beautiful song before passing away in a mountain accident…turn the volume up!

->  Stéphane Husson’s song