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Stopover 01/13
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Exploring the ice

Du 1 April 2015 au 31 August 2015
Groenland (1)

Actions carried out

Discovery of many couloirs, summits and crags

Repeating “Moby Dick”

-> Clip Maewan, ski freeride et alpinisme au Groenland

Summary of the stopover

It’s evening, the sea and the wind have finally calmed down after three days of heavy storms. We see the first floating ice sheet, with a growler the size of a washing machine. As the sun disappears in the sea, a bright moon rises above the clouds. We are amazed by the mountain range that we circumnavigate. Above our heads, the Northern Lights begin to shine. The South and West coast of Greenland offers tons of islands, atolls and fjords like our mountain valleys but then covered by water. From the summits, we see the Inlandsis, an extended ice cover that covers Greenland. Winter is cold and summer has likable weather. We take advantage of this to ski couloirs, climb mountains and rock cliffs.