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More than 6 months of expedition per year

5unique navigations

26sport expeditions

100expectional athletes

Simultaneously skipper and mountain guide, Erwan uses his 15 years of experience in event management to bring together teams of exceptional athletes that join us on board. Together, they trace unique maritime routes to access unheard of playgrounds for outdoor sports, like the virgin slopes of the Kourils Islands’s volcanoes that where skied-off by a team of free-riders.

These adventures are a special means to connect with the heart of local communities through the universal language of sports.

Each year sees more than 15 high-caliber athletes come onboard, all specialising in different outdoor disciplines: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountaneering, Freeride skiing, Base Jumping, Paragliding, Kite-Surfing, Surfing, Apnea…an inextinguishable source of inspiration for our future generations and for creating a responsible community.

The Arctic

Two years at the North Pole to ice climb, ski and navigate in the midst of icebergs to break through the legendary Northwest Passage.

We want to capitalise on our know-how, transform our differences in collective strengths, participate in the development of sport disciplines through carrying out first-ascents and, above all, meeting the local communities of unknown lands.

The Pacific

Crossing the Pacific in all its breadth, kite-surfing in de Bering Strait, climbing in Tasmania, base-jumping from New Zealand’s’ lost fjords, install the first highlines on the Marquise Islands!

An incredible playground and experience, discovering the world’s most extreme climates and meeting their inhabitants.

From Antartica to the Sahara

Two years four different climates (Patagonia, Antartica, the Amazon and the Sahara) before heading home. Enough time to keep us busy with first-ascents, connecting with locals, and carrying out Maewan’s educational and environmental actions.