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Inspiration, Autonomy and Responsibility

With Maewan’s team of high-caliber athletes as a source of inspiration, Maewan supports youth in their conception and realisation of individual or collective projects.

Every project is framed to respect the environment and the culture of the youths we work with. Maewan always collaborates with local educational actors and organisations protecting childhood to organise the workshops six months ahead of time. Monitoring with youth supervisors is carried out up to a year after the project.

-> 75% of youth trained is socially isolated.

A Tailored Educational Method

Using Marion’s experience in humanitarian aid -in particular on the reinsertion of refugee children in Chad and peacebuilding efforts carried out with local youth activists in Syria- Maewan has created a tailored teaching method where sport adventure and its values are used as common thread in youth development.

Our projects are carried out in France and abroad during our stopovers.

Our objectives for the 8-13 age group


2 700youths trained

18 900youths made more aware


Within the 8/13 age group, we raise awareness about the management and valorisation of our natural resources.

In France, these workshops allow for getting the “eco-school” certification issued by Teragir. 

For instance, at the Carroz d’Arâches, we support 28 elementary school pupils in their journey of becoming aware of the importance of water and the risks of pollution. In 2020, the pupils have decided to commit to work on their school’s waste management. They carried out an assessment, created an action plan and an awareness-raising campaign to inform their peers in other classes and their parents.


-> Are you a school and would you like to host us for the year 2021-2022?

Possible places of intervention

Chile (Puerto Williams) and France (Région Rhône-Alpes)

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Our objectives for the 14/21 age group

15schools and NGOs

450youths trained

3 150youths made more aware

Professional integration

Within the 14/21 age group, the youths start the workshop by becoming aware of their individuality through different sports (climbing, slackline…). The workshops continue with the creation of professional or community projects framed around their culture and respect for their environment.

Afterwards, funding is made available by Maewan to support the launch of the best projects. In French Polynesia we have worked with SOS Villages d’Enfants.


-> Are you a school or education NGO and wish to host us for the year 2021-2022?

Possible places of intervention

Chile (Puerto Williams) and France (Rhône-Alpes region)

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