OUR EXPEDITIONS A powerful lever of inspiration for our educational and environmental actions
  • Exploring the ice

    1 April 2015
  • The Dream Comes True

    8 February 2015
  • The Great North’s Disco Ball

    1 May 2016
  • To ice or not to ice?

    1 August 2016
  • Whales and bears at the Pacific’s gates

    1 September 2016
  • Don’t go there, you’ll die!

    1 October 2016
  • Legal or illegal?

    1 April 2017
  • Becoming aware

    1 June 2017
  • Adventure within the adventure

    15 October 2017
  • Meeting the people of the Pacific

    1 December 2017
  • Checking out…

    1 January 2018
  • A Basalt statue

    1 February 2018
  • Flying above the lost fjords

    1 March 2018
  • When everything goes wrong

    1 July 2018
  • Between the islands

    1 August 2018
  • Lessons from the islands

    4 February 2019
  • Civilisations and lost islands

    12 September 2019
  • Buenas ondas

    28 November 2019
  • Wind, ice and summits

    1 February 2020
  • Meeting in Tierra del Fuego

    1 October 2020


Maewan aims to reposition Man at the centre of his environment through expedition as a medium. We aim to answer a key question:

How to flourish together within a world with limited resources?

Its sailboat, a nomadic operational platform, left France for a 7-year expedition, from the Arctic to Antartica, passing through the Pacific. The sailboat supports educational and environmental actions, supported by world-class athletes, both in France and abroad.

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Support the development of self-esteem through the universal language of sport


Wake-up our know-how through exceptional expeditions


66 000 km of inspiration, connections and actions throughout 26 stopovers in 7 years



Maewan disembarks in Grenoble

21 October 2020
After our events in Brittany and various environmental education days in the school of Haute Savoie, we finally had the chance to meet our community in Isère! Last week, Erwan, Marion, and our Event Manager Tipphaine spent an intense day in Grenoble, in between festivals, press releases, and an evening dedicated to presenting the project.  […]

We are now part of the 1% For The Planet Movement!

19 October 2020
We are thrilled to announce that we have joined this global movement with 2600 members across 45 countries all committed to the environment.  1% For The Planet was started by Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews, ex-owner of Ribbon Flies to unite all those businesses that could donate 1% of their total sales to […]

About our school interventions

16 October 2020
We already mentioned how when we are in France we meet the children and youth of local schools and use our adventure to raise awareness about environmental issues and action. Today, we take with us on how a typical school intervention looks like.  Maewan’s interventions follow three stages: amazement, learning, action. Amazement We begin the […]